Decision has been made!!

Western express is where josh will be hanging his hat come Monday. He will be OTR flatbed driver!! I’m super proud but extremely sad that he’s leaving… I feel like we just got him back?!?!

Here I go with being selfish again… My bad!!

There aren’t enough words to describe how o am feeling right now. But anxious, nervous and scared are my top 3. But I know that I will get through all our challenges and he will be back home before I know it!! Am I just feeling this way because I’m new to this trucking stuff?? Is it normal?

Tougher than a trucker is a truckers wife!!

What at are some things you do before your man leaves OTR? How do you feel when he leaves?



One day at a time 

Everyone knows that my husband went to school in Utah recently. Graduated with his CDL. And I was thinking it would be smooth sailing finding jobs…! Ha yeah right 😁. It’s not worth it if your not working hard for it!! 

Every company has asked for all these requirements of 2 years experience or so. We have come across a few companies that aren’t as strick. 

We have been through hell these past weeks. But I can proudly say my hubby has his cdl and that I have faith that it will all work out!! God has a plan! I will love and support my husband the best I know how. 

Has anyone ever had any struggles? Or bumps in the road getting your husband to where he is now? 

I wanna hear from you!! Let’s talk!! 


Keeping the home fires burning

as a truckers wife we tend to handle everything (even if we did this before he left) it seems like the chore list or “Honey do” list has gotten bigger. I have cried some ugly alligator tears since my hubby as been gone.

Sometimes I start to pity myself and say “No one understands” but I hear everyone now saying that’s not true… And I know and I should be so thankful I have such a hard working man!!

I love knowing that my hubby is coming home to me!! I love to have the house all clean and new things done around the house! I want him proud of me! To show off I can do this!! Even though one night I was trying to put A bathroom shelf together that would have taken him 10 minutes took me 2 hours!! But I got it done all on my own!! 😊

what are some things you do while your trucker is gone to keep the home fires burning?

I can’t wait for everyone to read the blog and comment and email me and I will get back to everyone as quickly as I can!!

as always keep truckin!!